What We Do

Once you decide to get something made by us and put down a 50% deposit, we will take that drawing or sample and copy it in order to grind knives to make your moulding.

We Mill Your Lumber

While the knives are being ground and set up in the moulder heads, we will dimension rough lumber to width and thickness. Once the knives are set up, we will mount them in the moulder, run a test piece to dial in the profile to an exact match of what you have ordered and then we'll run your stock to order.

We Grind Your Knives

We Price Your Profiles

If you'd like to get some moulding made by us, we just need a detailed scale drawing or a 6-inch sample, along with the kind of wood you need it in and the amount to make in lineal feet and we can get an accurate quote for you.  We can do almost any profile as well as custom S4S per your specifications.