Custom Moulding FAQs

How does moulding pricing work?2021-07-07T21:34:36-07:00

Our pricing typically includes one setup fee per pattern and a per-lineal foot lumber charge. Please request a quote for more detailed information. We look forward to working with you on your next custom moulding project.

What does the setup fee cover?2021-07-07T20:51:49-07:00

The setup fee covers all the things that need to happen before your lumber is ready to mill. Typically, we need to draw your profile in CAD, laser-cut a knife template, and grind your custom knife. We then sort and pull your lumber, and rip it down to size for milling. Once the knives are set into cutter heads, we set up the cutter heads on the moulder and run a “setup board,” which is a test piece of lumber to ensure that we hit the correct profile measurements (down to 1/32 of an inch).

Do you keep any moulding in stock?2021-07-07T20:58:33-07:00

Everything we make is customized for each order. That being said, we do not keep any moulding in stock. However, we pride ourselves in fulfilling orders quickly and at reasonable prices. Don’t hesitate to request a quote for your moulding project. 

I found something that I like in a catalog. Can you make and/or customize it for me?2021-07-07T21:06:11-07:00

Absolutely. We can duplicate just about any moulding profile that you find online or in a catalog. Just send us the exact drawing and dimensions, and we will provide you with a quote. If you want something a little different than the original, such as wider or thicker, please note that on the drawing and send us specific directions. For a small fee, we can make a new CAD drawing for client, designer, or architect approval.

What lumber do you have in stock?2021-07-07T21:07:52-07:00

We stock thousands of board feet in the most popular hardwoods (Poplar, White Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple, Alder, Walnut, Red Oak, etc.), as well as softwoods (Western Red Cedar, Redwood, Douglas Fir, Pine). We can also special order whatever commercially available lumber you need for your job. Our customers tend to prefer Poplar for interior paint-grade applications and Western Red Cedar for exterior applications. All of our stock is in the rough. We do not mill it until we have an order.

What is your average turnaround time?2021-07-07T21:13:40-07:00

Our average turnaround time ranges from one week to two weeks. For an additional fee, we can usually fast-track your job. If you need your material faster, we can typically guarantee a one-week turnaround for an additional 25% of the job cost before tax. We offer a three-day turnaround for an additional 50% and a 24-hour turnaround for an additional 100%. These options are not always available, but we can let you know which ones are possible with your project.

How quickly can you fulfill a really small moulding order?2021-07-07T21:35:20-07:00

We try to complete jobs in the order we received them. So while a small job might not take as long as a larger one, we wouldn’t want other customers who placed their order ahead of yours to be kept waiting. We do offer rush options for an additional fee.

I’ve bought moulding from you before. Why do I have to pay a setup fee again?2021-07-07T21:24:49-07:00

Once we complete a job, we break down the machine, take the knives out of the cutter-head, and reset the machine for the next job. That’s why running the same material later on is still classified as a new job. Every job (even a redo from something you just picked up) is a new job with a setup fee, run charge, and lead time based on orders ahead of yours. However, if we completed the job you are repeating within the last few months, we might still have the knives we used; this will reduce your setup fee a bit.

Can you help me choose a moulding that will look good in a certain room?2021-07-07T21:25:49-07:00

Sorry, no. As fine as our taste is, we are not a design service. We like to stick to what we are best at—making moulding.

Do you deliver moulding?2021-07-07T21:35:42-07:00

Yes, we deliver moulding and other projects within the greater San Francisco area and beyond. 

Will you keep my moulding sample on file in case I need more material later?2021-07-07T21:35:52-07:00

Unfortunately, no. We use a six-inch piece of any sample you bring us to make a knife; once your material is run, we put it in a storage barrel where used samples accumulate for about a month or two. After that time, they go to the great mill in the sky where they live on only in our memories.

If you’d like your moulding sample back, we’d be happy to keep it with your order so you can take it with you when you pick up your order. Keep in mind that we need to cut the sample and scrape the paint off to match the pattern. We do save our CAD drawings forever, so please tell us if your order is a re-order, so we can match your previous order exactly.

Do you do take-offs?2021-07-07T21:31:36-07:00

No, we do not do take-offs.

Do you have a wide-belt sander? Will you prime my material for me?2021-07-07T21:32:10-07:00

Unfortunately, we don’t sand or prime anything at this time.


From SF Homeowners & Professionals

“Stellar! I am an architect/builder and routinely run into situations that cannot be resolved with off-the-shelf solutions (lots of custom and restoration work) and Ted and his crew bend over backwards to solve these challenges. As others have noted, Lowpensky embraces all jobs equally! Don’t be afraid to take in a sample of some crazy Victorian trim or an oddball Mid-Century piece of trim, these guys will make what you need at a price that I cannot match in my own shop.”
Bradley P.
“You might think that custom millwork is expensive. Not true! Actually, it was 25 – 50% less expensive than off-the-shelf stock which was the wrong dimension and wouldn’t have worked for our project. … they welcomed our business and were incredibly patient with us. They gave us fine service. We highly recommend Todd and Stan!”
Francesca A.
“Fast turn around for custom moulding based off an existing piece. Extremely well priced and great quality. Was very pleased with what came back from the lots that my GC ordered from here and the final painted product that matched all the existing trim and moulding in my house.”
R. I.
“I came to Lowpensky to have some wood slabs planned. Tim was very helpful and had my 5 slabs done within 30 minutes. Excellent service, great resource.”
Chris H.

“These guys are the best. I had wood rail caps made out of ipe from them they’re beautiful. I had an 8″ wide cap with a 24″ radius top made for a 12′ long wall. They can pretty much mill up anything you can dream up. I saw a sample of a wooded gutter duplicated from an old Victorian. Can’t say enough”

Michael G.
“I learned of this place from my carpenter/cabinet maker about thirty years ago. I’ve worked on several San Francisco house remodels and always use Lowpensky when I need custom moldings. They are easy to work with, reasonably priced, do perfect work, take their time with you when you need to look through different lumber, and always get it done by the time they say they will–or earlier. Really helpful and pleasant staff.”
Glen K.

“These guys are the best place to have molding made to match. I’ve called all the way to the Oregon border for redwood gutters and Victorian trim and could not beat their prices. Often delivered sooner than they say it will be done. I’ve had hundreds of feet milled by them including the most elaborate Victorian trim matched.”

Mark T.
“We had Lowpensky mill custom trim to replicate the original baseboards and crown in our 1926 Storybook home in Oakland. Their prices were fair and their craftsmanship was excellent. They even helped me load all the trim on my truck when I was 8 months pregnant – gentlemen.”
Meryl P.


Custom Moulding Solutions IN the bay area

Don’t settle for off-the-shelf moulding that doesn’t quite fit your needs. All of our products, from crown moulding to baseboards to custom window casing, are made-to-order to ensure an exact match to your specifications. For unlimited custom cuts, top quality work, and cost-effective solutions, contact us today.